“We support local farmers, foragers and producers and source organic food as much as possible.”

Niagara Market is a neighborhood grocery store offering a full range of healthy and convenient food. 

We support local farmers, foragers and producers and source organic food as much as possible. Visit us to find fresh produce, dairy, eggs, meat, and fish, local baking and prepared foods, as well as a wide variety of carefully sourced imported products.

We also serve Victoria’s Black Bear Coffee, house made baked goods, soups and sandwiches.

Our Supplier

Focused on Local 

Niagara Market carries freshly baked bread and treats from a variety of local bakeries include Empire Donuts, La Tana Italian Bakery, Wildfire Bakery, Portofino Bakery and Lone Tree Bakery pies, muffins and cookies. We have gluten free bread and treats from The Art of Slow Food, Silly Yak Bakery, and Portofino Bakery. We carry meat from local butchers like Village Butcher and The Whole Beast and sustainably caught fish and seafood from Finest at Sea. Local farms we source from include Mason Street Farm, Longview

Meet our farmers and producers:

·   Avalon Dairy Organic Milk  ·  Black Bear Coffee   ·   Dakini Tidal Wilds   ·   Enerchi Kombucha   ·   Finest at Sea  ·   Haliburton Community Organic Farm   ·   James Bay Honey   ·   Little Qualicum Cheeseworks   ·   Lone Tree Bakery   ·   Longview Organic Farm   ·   Mason Street Farm   ·   Parachute Ice Cream   ·   Phillips Soda Works   ·   Portofino Bakery   ·   Silver Rill Corn   ·   Snowy Maple Farm Eggs  ·   Suntrio Organic Farm   ·   Sun Wing Greenhouses  ·   Tiswilde Eggs ·   The Art of Slow Food – Gluten Free Sourdough Bread ·   The Very Good Butcher – Plant-Based Butchery   ·   The Whole Beast Artisan Salumeria   ·   Tree Island Gourmet Yogurt  ·   Village Butcher   ·   Wildfire Bakery

Niagara Market: Your neighbourhood grocery store

Welcome to Niagara Market! We are a neighbourhood grocery store offering a full range of healthy and convenient food. Our market puts extra effort in finding the best and freshest produce straight from the farm. Make the best choice for your food by choosing Niagara Market for all your grocery needs. 

Niagara Market: Our roots

Niagara Market is an old shop that has been around for more than a hundred years. We are dedicated to bringing you the best, healthiest, and most convenient food products. To achieve this goal, we have partnered up with local farmers, foragers, and producers to source our ingredients.

We have been managing our store and buying products from local suppliers for several years now. We started our business in the small town of Niagara street Victoria, BC. As a small business, we understood the need for local markets and suppliers to support each other. 

By partnering with local farmers, they can directly market their produce at our store and we’ll have fresh and reliable products. Each of our partnering businesses boasts both conventional and organic growing practices so you’ll have more options for your shopping.

Support these local businesses with us and be our partner in bringing change to our community. Visit us at Niagara Market for your next grocery shopping.  

Niagara Market: More than just a grocery store

Niagara Market is more than just a grocery store. We want to make your grocery shopping a wonderful experience. That is why we have a lovely and cosy cafe setup at our store just for you. 

Treat yourself to some homemade snacks, including freshly-baked muffins, cookies, soups, sandwiches, and other treats. Our coffee house makes the best coffee and tea in the area. With ingredients coming straight from the sources you can taste the freshness of each ingredient in every bite. 

The cosy and relaxed atmosphere in our cafe makes it the perfect spot to meet with your friends or family. Have a chat with a friend you haven’t seen a while as you indulge yourselves in the captivating aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods. 

Niagara Market: Support the local market

We have gluten-free bread and treats from the Slow Food, Silly Yak bakery, and Portofino bakery. We carry meat from local butchers like Village Butchers and The Whole Beast and sustainably-caught fish and seafood from the Finest at Sea. The local farms we source from include Mason Street Farm, Longview Organic Farm, and Haliburton Organic Farm. Check out this list of our local partners:

  • Avalon Dairy Organic Milk
  • Black Bear coffee
  • Dakini Tidal Wilds
  • Enerchi Kombucha
  • Finest at Sea
  • Haliburton Community Organic Farm
  • Parachute Ice Cream
  • Phillips Soda works
  • Portofino Bakery
  • Silver Rill Corn
  • Snowy MapleFarm Eggs
  • Suntrio Organic Farm
  • Sun wing Greenhouses
  • Tiswilde Eggs
  • The Art of Slow Food-gluten free sourdough bread
  • The Very Good Butcher-Plant based butchery
  • The Whole Beast Artisan Salumeria
  • Tree Island gourmet yoghurt
  • Village Butcher
  • Wildfire bakery
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