Located at 579 Niagara Street, this is one of Victoria’s oldest grocery stores. Built in 1908, the main floor of the two-story building has been a grocery store for most of its history. Recently updated, we provide fresh, healthy and convenient food, creating a gathering place that connects our neighbors with each other, with local farmers and producers.

~  Seamus McKeating and Jennifer Gunter

More than just a Grocery

Niagara Market is a more than just a grocery store. We serve up house made snacks, including muffins, cookies, soups, sandwiches and other treats. Our house made coffee and teas, and gathering spaces make us a part of the community and a great place to meet and spend time with friends

Niagara Market Victoria: Our relationship with the community!

The community of Victoria, British Columbia, is among the most peaceful and empowering communities in Canada. Everyone within the area offers a friendly and welcoming smile that will instantly put you at ease. It is impossible to be left behind because everyone takes care of each other by supporting their passion and goals. 

As a part of this healthy community, we want to do our part in bringing positivity and love in Victoria. It is our main objective to bring the best, healthiest, and freshest products to our lovely neighbourhood. 

Our goals are based on the overwhelming need to do our part in this wonderful community which has been supportive of us since the beginning of our business in 1908. 

Nothing could make us feel happier than to give back to everyone. With our firm belief that healthy food makes the happiest people, we have established a unique way of sourcing for our store. 

We have decided to combine our desire to support each other in this community and our goal to give you the best and healthiest products. For this reason, our store chose to obtain all of our grocery store sources from local businesses and farms around the area of Victoria. 

That’s right, Niagara Market Victoria is starting a local product-only movement to give each of our talented neighbours the support that they need for their respective businesses. Find out more about how we’re able to do our part in the beautiful community of Victoria, British Columbia. Here is a sneak peek of what we do to serve the neighbourhood:

Niagara Market: It’s more than just a grocery store. It’s a relationship!

Here at Niagara Market, we value the connection we have with everyone in the community. That is why we do our best to locally source all of our products and goods. Not only are we able to get the freshest and best produce, but we also get the chance to support the local farmers, foragers, and producers. Here’s how Niagara Market manages to connect everyone in the community.

  • Our dainty little coffee shop

With our goal to connect people, we figured out that a grocery store isn’t enough to establish a good relationship with each other. For this reason, we have decided to expand our business and establish a coffee shop. 

Our shop sources our products from trusted partners within the community so we can keep up with our promise of locally sourced products. 

We serve up house-made snacks, including muffins, cookies, soups, sandwiches and other treats. Our house-made coffee and teas create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and peaceful conversations.

Come and enjoy a tranquil afternoon as you meet-up with your acquaintances, catch up with friends, or simply get to know a stranger whose company you might enjoy. Whatever it is, let our delicious treats and drinks coax you into forming an unforgettable bond and connections. 

We are excited to see everyone together in a harmonious relationship at our shop. Come on down to Niagara Market where connections are made!

  • A hundred years of excellent service

Built in 1908, this is one of Victoria’s oldest grocery stores. It has been in service in the town for more than a hundred years. Located at 579 Niagara Street, the main floor of the two-story building has been a grocery store for most of its history. Throughout its long years of servitude, Niagara Market has proven its worth in the community by providing the best products and freshest produce. 

Niagara Market also creates a gathering place that connects our neighbors with each other through various products in the grocery store. Local business owners are able to reach out to the public and share their wonderful products through our store. 

  • We choose local

Partnering with local business owners, foragers, and farmers is one of the best decisions that we have made in the store. It wasn’t easy at first, there is a significant lack of available sources. But, when we discovered and got to know local farmers and other small-time business owners, we realised that there are a lot of unrecognised talents in the town. 

Our partners shared with us the names of small businesses and we are able to help each other and work on our common goal to bring the town together with excellent products. 

Aside from the connection we have formed with our small-time business partners, we were also able to raise awareness and appreciation for local products. The public is now more open to trying out items made by the people around them. Through Niagara Market, we are able to spread appreciation for each other’s work. 

  • Excellent service that welcomes you in

Above our high-quality products and a strong connection with our business partners, we also pride ourselves with our excellent friendly services in the shop. When you enter our shop, you’ll be greeted by our amazing staff with the warmest smiles and the most welcoming atmosphere. 

We wouldn’t want anyone to feel like they are left out. So, whenever you visit our shop, prepare yourself to receive a warm welcome by all of us at Niagara Market. 

  • We have something for everyone

Some people say that adults are the only ones who will enjoy a grocery store. We beg to disagree. Here at Niagara Market, we have something for everyone to enjoy such as healthy options for the health-conscious elderly, affordable produce for the hardworking adults, and deliciously sweet treats for the kids and the young at heart. 

Whoever you are, whatever age group you’re in, Niagara Market will surely be a fun experience for you. It’s definitely the best place to bond with your family, friends, and special someone! Come on down to our shop and find out what we have in store for you. 

Niagara Market: Benefits of local sourcing for you and the community

One of the defining characteristics of our shop is our locally sourced goodies. We opt to buy fresh meats, vegetables, fruits, and many more from the local farmers and foragers around us. We do this to help the small-time businesses grow and prosper, as well as give the community the best option for their food shopping. 

Find out how local sourcing can benefit you and your community. Here are some of the details that you need to know!

For you

  • Local food is fresher

The locally-sourced food at Niagara Market is a lot more fresh, nutritious, and delicious than the conventional produce. Each of the goods that you’ll see at our shop is freshly picked, ensuring that it is ripe and at its peak condition.

  • Supports your seasonal need

The farms around you provide the freshest and cheapest option for your seasonal needs. Most of the farms in the local community are designed to cycle with the season which makes it perfect for your health. After all, eating seasonally is the most natural way to eat and the most beneficial for our bodies. 

  • It is cheaper

With locally sourced food, you don’t have to worry about extra expenses in your produce. The packaging, export fee, and pesticides are zeroed out on the equation making the price significantly lower. 

For your community

  • Produce less waste

Buying local produce shortens the distribution chain. The food goes directly from the farm to us and then to your baskets. This ensures less waste is produced in the process.

  • Support local business 

When you buy food from Niagara Market, you are helping us support the local community by providing business opportunities to local farmers and foragers—unlike when you buy food in conventional supermarkets where most of the food’s cost goes to transportation, packaging, processing, and refrigeration and not necessarily to the farmers who produced them. 

  • Supports sustainable agriculture

Locally shopping for goods encourages diversification of the local agriculture and crop variety. This diversity, in turn, reduces the reliance on monoculture wherein single crops are grown in the area to the detriment of the soil. Having unhealthy soil means less healthy foods. After all, our food is only as nutrient-dense as the soil in which it is grown.

  • Grows appreciation for the people around you

Buying locally sourced foods is more than just choosing the healthiest, cheapest, and tastiest option; it causes us to admire the work of the farmers and business owners around us. It opens our eyes to the talent of our neighbors which in turn, makes the community closer to one another. 

  • It helps the community financially

By supporting locally sourced products, you are giving a hand to those who are struggling with their business financially. Your community would have fewer expenses in food transport and processing. With continuous support for the local products, the community will soon be sustainable on its own which is a huge advantage when it comes to avoiding imported foods which is a lot more expensive.

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