The holiday season is here! We have brought in a selection of amazing local, organic and handmade seasonal items. 

Stop by the market to take a peek at our holiday products!


We are staying open late so that you can shop, relax and enjoy a glass of wine or beer at the same time! And neighbours with a coupon will receive a 10% discount on their produce purchases (coupon can be picked up in store)

Niagara Market Victoria: Seasonal products to heighten the holiday spirit!

The temperature is starting to get chilly and there’s much-welcomed air of cheeriness and joy in everyone. That’s right, It’s because the holiday season is here! Grab your winter coats, boots, and gloves and head on down to Niagara Market Victoria. 

This yuletide season, we have brought cheer with a new selection of amazing local, organic, and handmade seasonal items to welcome the spirit of Christmas into your home. Stop by our shop to take a peek at the holiday products that we have prepared for you with the help of our local partners. 

Here is the list of products that you can enjoy this season!

Niagara Market: Holiday products

  • Gingerbread cookies by Portofino bakery

This delicious gingerbread cookie by Portofino Bakery only appears every yuletide season. It has become a staple in every household during Christmas, with its seasonal flavour truly bringing out the spirit of the occasion. Grab this seasonal pastry here at Niagara Market Victoria.

  • Fruit cake by Wildfire bakery

Fruit cakes are hit-or-miss in holiday dinners. It is always present in every Christmas feast. But, for some reason, it is always the last to leave the fridge after the holidays are over.

Luckily for us, not all fruit cakes are created equal. Some of these festive logs of mixed season fruit rise above the others and conquers the dinner table with its delightful appearance and taste. That is what fruit cakes from wildfire bakery are like. 

Take home this fruit cake that proves it is more than just a festive decoration at the dinner table. Taste the difference here at Niagara Market.   

  • Christmas turkey by Village butcher

In every Christmas dinner, one thing that you shouldn’t miss on your table is the turkey. It has become a tradition to serve this scrumptious birds with a recipe that is uniquely your own. 

Don’t forget the star of your Christmas eve feast and shop for your own free-range turkey grown in the Village butcher farm! Visit us at Niagara Market Victoria as early as now to avoid the Christmas rush. 

  • Honey glazed and smoked ham by The Whole beast artisan salumeria

Getting your Christmas turkey is one thing, but the Christmas ham is a whole other story. It is the cornerstone of every holiday menu all over the world. For this reason, you should cure your ham to perfection. However, not all of us have the time to think of a mouthwatering recipe. Luckily for us, ready-made hams are becoming a popular option. 

To set up a strong foundation for your Yuletide dinner, choose the honey-glazed and smoked ham from the best meat processor in British Columbia. Visit Niagara Market to get your hands on the most flavourful and mouth-watering ham from The Whole beast artisan salumeria.

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