Niagara Market Victoria: Meet our farmers and producers!

Located at 579 Niagara Street, this is one of Victoria, British Columbia’s oldest grocery stores. Established in 1908, Niagara Market has been in business for more than 100 years. Since our store location is close to several locally owned businesses and farms, we have formed a partnership with them. 

Our bond with our local partners is based on a common goal to give the community the best service and products we can offer. We have established trust between each other that extends up to this day.

Today, Niagara Market Victoria is known to provide fresh, healthy, and convenient food for the residents of Victoria and even outside of it. We are now able to expand our business and create a perfect meeting place for neighbours to interact and connect. 

That’s not all, from a small circle of a few local farmers, our shop has extended its connection to other local business owners in the area of Victoria. The dainty shop gathering products from local farms now have a local source for freshly baked goods, meat products, dairy, and many more. 

Let us introduce you to all of our partnering farmers and local business owners. Find out more about them and their products here at Niagara Market Victoria. 

Niagara Market Victoria: List of local suppliers

Avalon Dairy Organic Milk 

Avalon dairy is a family-run farm established in 1906. It has survived world wars, economic depression, urban sprawls, and endless waves of conglomeration. Indeed it has encountered numerous hurdles, but Avalon has cleared it all off and continued on its way to success. 

Now, Avalon Dairy is known as a certified organic milk farm with verified good taste in all of our products. We believe that if good things come in, good things will come out. That is why we practice taking care of our land and started nourishing our fields. 

Our cows at Avalon enjoy a country club treatment with fresh air, pure water, and idyllic farm conditions. The small scale farming and holistic animal husbandry policies of our company have taken the harmful factory farming out of the equation. 

As a farm that values our roots, we remain committed to our olden ways of distributing our milk products in glass bottles. We deliver our classic dairy products to our trusted partner, Niagara Market. A door to door delivery option is also available. 

Black bear coffee

Black Bear is an artisan coffee shop from Victoria BC. The coffee products from our store are all handpicked coffee beans that are custom roasted to truly capture the robust and rich flavours of the coffee. Here’s a list of our products that you may find at Niagara Market: 

  • Kenya AA
  • Espresso
  • House drip
  • Premium single origins
  • Ethiopian
  • Sidamo & Kochere
  • Colombian Hulla Excelso
  • Uganda Organic
  • Honduras fair trade organic
  • Colombian fair trade organic
  • Guatemala fair trade organic 
  • Costa Rica Llano Bonito 
  • Tarazu

The black bear is an exclusive partner of Niagara Market. If you are interested in trying their wonderful blends, you may visit us at Victoria, British Columbia.

Dakini Tidal Wilds

Dakini tidal wild is a respectable local store that is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality seaweed and herb products. Each seaweed is harvested by hand on the rugged coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 

We believe that the natural resources from our local forests and ocean has a powerful healing capability and we want to share it with you through our herbal products. 

Enerchi Kombucha 

Enerchi Kombucha is a family-owned and operated business established in 2015. It is a merry little store that sells various flavours of fermented sodas made from organic ingredients found in the rich land of Canada. 

They are dedicated to their role in maintaining the natural beauty of the environment and its inhabitants. For this reason, Enerchi Kombucha selects local, organic, and socially conscious ingredients in all of our fermented products. To minimize waste, all of our products are packed in bottles, jars, meowlers, growlers, and kegs, all of which are refillable at Niagara Market. 

Each of our products undergoes natural fermentation without pasteurization to ensure that the natural flavours and nutrients of the fruits will remain. Our Kombuchas are brewed from organic fair trade tea exclusively from Westholme Tea Farm. 

Finest at sea

Finest at sea is the leading provider of high-quality seafood on the West Coast. All of our products are 100% free-range and caught using sustainable fishing practices. We have started operation in the year 1977 and has since continued a tradition of excellence. 

Haliburton Community Organic Farm

Haliburton community organic farm is a local business that distributes the freshest organic produce. They grow their vegetables through natural means while avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. Aside from selling its products, Haliburton offers to educate the community about sustainable farming practices.

James Bay honey

James Bay is a local honey farm that produces organic honey for the community. Their products are naturally made and the farm ensures that they use safe methods in harvesting. The flavour and richness of their product are due to different pollen introduced to the bees. 

Little Qualicum cheese works

The Little Qualicum is part of a bigger company called the Morning Star farm along with the Mooberry winery. It is responsible for the artisan cheese production division of the company. The Little Qualicum has a unique method of making cheese that combines modern and traditional practices. 

Lone Tree bakery

Lone Tree bakery offers a wide array of freshly baked goods. They have a distinguished recipe for pies, muffins, and cookies. The thing that sets them apart is their use of organic ingredients. Each of their baked goodies has a unique and flavourful taste that will leave you coming back for more. 

Longview Organic Farm

Longview organic farm is our partner when it comes to fresh produce. They are a farm that implements a traditional method in their farming. All the crops are grown using natural compost, fertilizers, and mechanical cultivation. Their products contain significantly fewer pesticides and herbicides compared to other farms. 

Parachute ice cream

Parachute ice cream provides a sweet and lovely solution to every problem stressing you out. One spoonful of their carefully crafted confections and the pleasurable surge of flavours will overtake your senses. 

Phillips soda works 

Phillips soda works provides a delicious twist to your regular sodas. The design for this particular brand is inspired by retro video games and memorabilia. It is a funky drink that is perfect for any occasion. 

Portofino bakery

Portofino Bakery is a European bakery that specializes in wheat bread. They make their bread the way bread is intended to be made: simple, natural, and enjoyable to eat. But, even as they believe in the simplicity of bread, their products are unique and outstanding for its flavour. 

Silver rill corn

Silver rill corn is one of the biggest corn farms in the area of British Columbia. They implement the natural process in growing corn. The company ensures that all its products are free from dangerous chemicals and pesticides. Aside from the product safety, we can also assure you that every corn is fresh and sweet just the way you want it!

SunTrio Farms

SunTrio Farm is a 4-acre, certified organic farm providing fresh, local produce to the Victoria area all-year-round. For the cream of the crop vegetables and fruits, trust only the best organic farm! Get your SunTrio products at Niagara Market Victoria now.

SunWing Greenhouse 

For a heavenly taste, IPM controlled organic produce, SunWing is the brand for you. With over 50 years of farming experience, SunWing has developed a unique farming technique that ensures the safety and quality of their products. For premium fresh produce that is pesticide-free, visit Niagara Market and shop for your favourite SunWing products. 

Tree Island Gourmet Yogurt

The Tree Island Gourmet Yogurt is made from 100% real whole milk from grass-fed cows. Each tub of Greek yogurt is handcrafted in the Comox Valley of Vancouver Island. The recipe is inspired by the culinary traditions of the Mediterranean and spices of the Silk Road. Get a taste of the old-world methods combined with innovative science in this rich, flavorful, and authentic Greek yogurt by Tree Island. 

Village Butcher

The Village Butcher is Victoria’s home of free-range and hormone-free meats. It is a shop that aims to provide the highest quality, locally sourced products and cuts of meat. Village Butcher takes pride in providing the finest meat and poultry to the local community and restaurants in the area of Victoria.

Wildfire Bakery

Wildfire Bakery is a small, family-owned business, specializing in artisan baking since 1998. They are a local bakery that strives to provide the community with high quality and nutritious foods. For the best tasting, high-quality pastries, choose Wildfire Bakery at Niagara Market.

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